Zip Wire Adventure for the whole family

The views are magnificent, when you come to start point. Hammershuus, Slotslyngen and the sea. And then the deep blue Opal lake below you, which one is to touch in a short while with a speed of 40 km / h. It is Denmark’s longest zip wire and undoubtedly the most beautiful. The scary moment is the starting point. The feeling the minute you let go, and then the exitement. The 293 meter only takes 23 seconds to complete. The speed reaches 70 km / h., But on average a pace of 40 km / h. the minute your feet touches the lake with a huge splash. So don’t miss out on this Zip Wire Adventure for the whole family.
Oh, did I mention you can get a family discount. The price for a ride is 150 kr. The second trip is 50 kr. The zip wire is open daily at. 10-17 from 25 June to 14 August. Read more on
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