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An unique danish textile company located on Bornholm, in the middle of the Scandinavian Baltic sea.
A world of crafts combined with fashion, where ancient traditions are transformed into new designs.
A cottage industry creating wool and fabric garments, knitted and sewn into sweaters, poncho's, dresses, pillows, coats, accessories……………..

Knitted Collar- turquoise/yellow
Cold seasons require something warm and protective to wear around the neck. Collar is a knit turtleneck with a zip. It is made with rib stich, and after knitting it is gently felted to make the material soft and compact. The material is 100% lambswool.
Collar is an alternative to the classic tubular wool scarf. Most people find it uncomfortable to pull a tubular scarf on and off, but the zipp solves the problem. The zip is a comforable and functionel feature that sets Collar apart from the normal tubular scarf. The zip is also an example of Timmi Kromann`s special signature in form of a quirky or surprising element. You can see and read more here: www.kokolores.dk
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