Just Imagine

Just imagine
Just imagine…

There’s no denying that holidays are some of the happiest times of our lives.  Imagine yourself relaxing in our big hammock with a good book and a cold glass of wine. The birds are singing and you can see the children playing by the pond, trying to spot a fish or two, while the cats are looking on curiously. Your partner is lighting the barbecue….




...Relaxing on the farm
…Relaxing on the farm

Soon you will all enjoy a nice summer meal around the table, in the shade of the old apple trees. The children all excited about their new experiences and curious to know what tomorrows exploring is going to bring. You know they are going to sleep well tonight. You look at your partner with a smile, you are on holiday.





Hello, I'm Lisbeth
Lisbeth with the Icelandic horses

About Us We, Lisbeth and Alan, have lived on the farm on Bornholm for 16 years. We used to have sheep, Islandic horses, chickens, ducks and sheep dogs. Back then we were living off the sheep, selling the meat and making soft interior furniture from the sheepskin.  Today we only have a couple of barn cats and few chickens that provide us with hide and seek and eggs if we’re lucky. 🙂
Home sweet home, but we do also like to sail the seas and cross borders. To meet new people, taste new food and experience different cultures.


A special guest with one of our barn cats
A guest with one of our barn cats

We are Pet Friendly. 

We love animals and don’t  mind if you bring your small or medium size dogs or cats. You can even bring your horses if you like. We have horseboxes, stables and fields for them and it’s only a 15 min. ride to a wonderful forest with lakes. The dogs are free to play in our garden or in the fields. If you would like to spend an evening out or take a day trip to Christiansø, (animals are not allowed on the island) we don`t mind looking after them, taking them for a walk, play with them in the garden and feed them.

Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions, that you may have regarding the apartment, the rooms, the area, availability, booking or anything else, that`s on your mind. We are online every day and we are here for you.