Ertholmene, the tiny Islands next door

To the northeast of Bornholm lies a group of islands called Ertholmene (Pea Islands), which can be reached by boat from Allinge, Gudhjem, and Svaneke. There’s no cars and normal roads on the islands so you have to walk to get around. You can walk anywhere in about 10-15 minuttes. But it is STRICTLY forbidden to walk on the walls because of loose stones and the risk of falling down. Dogs and cats are not allowed. On the main island of Christiansø are extensive fortifications installed by Christian V in 1684. When the port lost its importance as a naval base in the 19th century, it became something of a magnet for poets and artists. The neighboring island of Frederiksø was once notorious as a place of exile; its most interesting building is the Lille Tarn (Little Tower), now a museum with a 17th century model of the castle on Christiansø, rifles, cannons, old furniture, and utensils. Though closed to the public, Græsholm is home to a bird sanctuary. So don’t miss out on Ertholmene, the tiny Islands next door

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