Cycling Holidays on Bornholm


Biking Bornholm

Biking in Bornholm is popular with Scandinavian families during the summer holidays.  The small island is located in the Baltic Sea and is known for its beautiful landscape, delicious smoked herring and quality ceramic and glassware. The island is covered from north to south in marked cycle tracks and there are several cycle route maps that you can download from the Bornholm tourism website.  The island even caters for physically disabled cyclists. A popular route is to cycle is along the entire coast of the island.

It has a varied landscape of dramatic cliffs, forests, gentle hills and charming fishing villages.  For food lovers there is also a “Gourmet Route”, which will allow you to experience the best cuisine on the island, and while you cycle between towns you’ll be able to work off the calories you consume. Bornholm has Europe´s best network of bicycle routes. In spite of its limited size – 587 km2 – a relative modest size – it is marvellous discovering Bornholm by bike.

Bicycle holiday on Bornholm from Pepe on Vimeo.

The island has 44.000 inhabitants and a coastline of no less than 105 km. From north to south it is app. 40 km and from east by west app. 30 km. The southern part of Bornholm is flat and has the finest beaches in Northern Europe. On the northern part you will find rocks, granite, beaches and sand in a very hilly terrain. You will not find rocks and granite in other parts of Denmark.

Being an ideal place for biking, even younger or untrained cyclists can feel perfectly safe. Most of the bicycle routes and paths are separated from other traffic. Since 1981 up to the present, the County of Bornholm has established a network of bicycle routes that now extends to just over 250 kilometres. The bicycle route network enables cyclists to travel in safety around the island and experience the natural splendour of Bornholm at close hand. The network is composed of the former railway lines, paths, forest lanes, lightly trafficked municipal roads and paths or marked bicycle lanes along the highways.

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Mountain biking in the forest.

Bornholm 2014 – Take 1 from Morten Pind on Vimeo.